Fallen souls in fields afar
Eternal hearts of fire
Rows and rows of endless ghosts
Their memories inspire
Dreams of glory dreams of war
A generation died
Through the trenches
Hear their songs
And wear their badge with pride

Standup and fight
March at first light
Into the great battle we ride
Onwards tonight
Wait for the strike Bothers in arms we unite

Guardians of heaven
In the night skies together
Remembered forever
Through the centuries of time
Honour and glory
We salute you the fallen
United we stand
The hearts of great men
We'll raise our flag high
For the heroes lost in time

Photographs of sons long gone
A dusty picture frame
Crosses stand on foreign lands
Their memories never fade
Fields now green which once were scarred
A million warriors lay
Hear the stories gone untold
On this remembrance day

For the King, for our Queen
For the glory of our great country
Over land, on the sea
For our homeland we fight to be free

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