Close To The End


How to fuck .. gonna break up
40 needs .. I am sure it can be resolved
I am just hoping that they will make up
I am perfecting my .. using …
try to make some cheese over a single as a process
get it .. single cheese process
sit back and admire the talent that I posses
.. no less I am known in the city but need to buss out
like a model ...cause you deal with ages of .. collections
keeping it clean and a little .. direction baby girl you all .. probably though to the fact..
next selection ... I control this you know this
cause you ain't nothing like it.. what up .. I am back with .. I go
I am a teacher so learn right
you can't come in this ride … turn it back .. rich united .. get your .. destroyed
no witness no mistresses .. keep it real no other younger hot like me ..
I waited for .. while you were playing .. develop a new flow
I promise

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