Honorable Mention


Kd, I know you're here, I know you understand me
Real talent doesn't always win championships
Like real music doesn't always win Grammy's
But we're okay
Honorable mention works for me and you
Honorable mention, hey, hey
You're lucky that Lebron had to finally lose
He gets an honorable mention, hey
It ain't so bad being number two
Yeah, season's over, just hold on you're going home
Can't deal with life's hurdles like you're Lolo Jones
Series over, feel the sorrow, drink it down
Bartender I think I'll have a Triple Crown
And I'm the only one, I think I'll be the only one

You ready
Iggy Azalea and Swaggy P
I love you both, your like a poor man's Jay and Bey
You know what I'm saying?
Collin Kaepernick you know I love to see you flexing
It's just a damn shame that Michael Crabtree can't catch it
Danica you don't always come in first place we know
But somehow in Nascar you're the only face we know

Honorable mention
Honorable mention
Didn't win didn't lose
Just got a honor mention
And now the whole the whole U. S of A are soccer fans too
They get an honorable mention
But even in Brazil inspirational dreams don't always
Come true

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