Breathe through, ride through, damn girl
Oh man I don't know
Pilled up filled up damn girl
I'll be getting back to you for sure, man man
Laced up dripped up sauced up
Damn girl I wanna ride with you
Waved up blowing up blowing up growing up
Had to get it popping with you

What if I pick you up from your house
We should get out
We haven't talked in a while
We should roll to see where it goes
I saw potential in you from the go
You know that I did
I don't know if you know but I know who you are
You could be big as Madonna
Just get in the car and lets touch the road

Don't make other plans
Say you get up early, you work for the man
Well he'll understand
Pull up I'm pulling up on you in ten
Already on ten
Big as Madonna I'll say it again
Soon as you get in nah nah nah

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