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The Figures Of Disguise

Dreadful Shadows

Awoke in darkness, my trembling hands are scarred
A brown crust on my fingernails
A sudden pain in my back reminds me of my dream last night

I'm close to you and take your hand
You trust in me but I wouldn't feel safe
A vampire's heart can't abstain from loving you to death

The marks on my wrist make me shiver
When I went to bed they weren't there
My shirt's torn apart, dried blood adorns the sleeves
I'm feeling empty inside

Murders at night
I freeze to death again
The urge will be victorious again
I'm burning once again
The figures of disguise

What happened last night? I can't remember
What have I done when I thought I'm asleep?
The wounds burn, a light wind brings relief - an irony

I look into your eyes, embrace your neck
A graceful sight, I'm choking more and more
Your fingernails furrow my skin
I smile - suddenly you are still

My desperation never comes to an end
I wash my hands and I'm mirrored
The shapeless face on my body smiles at me
My victim of last night

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