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Everlasting Words

Dreadful Shadows

I don't believe in the phrases of a dying age
These never ending thoughts will drag me to death
I always see the empire of the falling rain
And I answer with a smile
Should I pray? Should I die? I'll die!

I'm following the way to beyond
Following the pain to the endless haze
And the fire and poison around goes through me

My hands touched the borders of my life
The tearful try to breathe, the endless fight to be
And nothing will drown me again and rape me

Give me a place to begin to recover
Give me the time to begin my work
I don't want no more of the air that I'm breathing
I understand your everlasting words

Those many ways converge in this point
The answers of all thoughts are raining down on me
Cold tears pouring down my face, they kill me

And my questions and my feelings and my senses
are unimportant now
And your voice that still remains in my ears
I don't care, I don't want it anymore!

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Written by: Dreadful Shadows / Sven Friedrich. Isn't this right? Let us know.