For short lived cattle grazing land
With the whole world in their hands
They're cutting down and burning up the land
Asset stripping the medicine man
& all for one
And every man for himself
The conflict of interest lies
Selling off cheap
Avoid political heat and burn up in a forest fire

And now that there's nothing left
Just a hole above our heads
Letting the sunshine in
That's how the end begins
With a forest fire

The black cloud rising in the sky
Up into the atmosphere
] it's bringing down a different kind of weather
to the one we knew last year
though it's taking so long to do something about it
they chip away at it
bit by bit
you won't believe anything that grown up for so long
could be cut down this quick

and now that there's nothing left
just a hole above our heads
letting the sunshine in
that's how the end begins
with a forest fire

in the corner of a foreign land
in the wind that blows the sand
there's the sting of a thousand lies
that burned up in a forest fire
we're burning up
in a clear blue sky
in a funeral pyre
in a big white lie
in a forest fire

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Written by: Gilbert Gabriel / Nick Laird-Clowes. Isn't this right? Let us know.