Labyrinth with no exit he should find
and seven maiden´s he had to eat up
forced to live in a prison
of ways and ways with no solution

Dedalo and his son built castle
huge full of curves and corridors
death would be the only salvation
for stop being evil Asterion

Son of cross between humans and animals
he must have suffered his mother´s fantasies
bearing the horns for the whole eternity
till he could reach the freedom


He went over his palace
finding only tasty slaves
there was no way out to resurrection
from his sadic kingdom evil asterion

Helped by a heap that Ariadna handled him
the young boy stabbed him in the back
the time of his death was about to come
heaven or hell would be his end


From Athens came a prince eager for revenge
he had to do the most cruel slaughter
Thesseus his name and his only mission
to free his people from the terror he inspire

That was the story of the most brutal beast
half human ,half animal
he wouldn´t be forced to live in his prison
at last freedom for the evil Asterion


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