Life hits us hard, just to see how fast we get up
Never give up, just remind her how ones was
It happened so fast, she was took away from my side
I´ll have to move on, carry on my loving ones

Oh can´t you see, she was all that i needed to live
It´s a shame, who´s to blame for this disgrace

I´m standing here like a stone
Facing ahead a life alone
Oh god help me please

Why did this happen to me
I will have to learn to live again
Oh god help me please

Life hits us hard, to remind us how small we are
It´s never to late, to change our kind of life
Embrace what it takes, to make your happiness
I am what i am, always give the best i could

Life is not fair, and it takes more than you´re given
You can´t compare, being loved against material things
As time goes by, one by one your lovings die
Now it´s your time, how the hell it went so fast

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