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Well we've come a long, long way,
And there's no turning back.
The road ahead is clear at last.
We can search our whole lives through,
Never knowing what we'll find,
But we can make it if we try.
'Cause every cloud has a silver lining.
Just believe that the sun will shine.
Dream on (dream on, dream on)
If u look deep inside your heart,
You can reach the highest star.
Dream on (dream on, dream on)
We can find our destiny.
Be anything we want to be.
If we... Dream on

We can make a wish come true...
(You know it's up to you)
We can swim against the tide,
If we just let courage be our guide.
And I know we'll find a way,
(Find a way, We gonna find a way.)
If we close our eyes and dream (Oooh)
Our time will come just wait and see.
We won't give up gotta keep on trying.
A ray of hope gives you wings to fly.


Just hold your head up high,
And we can touch the sky.
We gotta make it through, (together.)
(Ooh Ooh Aah, Ooh Ooh Aah)
The future's in our hands.
Taking chances, making plans.
We'll have everything we need,
If we.........

(chorus x2 )

Dream on...

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