Talk Back

Drew Seeley

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I should be mad at you
It's crazy how you give me such an attitude
Like a rock star in training with a dirty mouth
When I take you anywhere, you take it south, yeah you take it south

You don't give a damn
And I don't want you to
I don't understand at all
But still I know I want you when you

Talk back, it's an aphrodisiac
Baby give me some of that
yeah you got it and you know it
Just talk back, put your scratches on my back
When ya tell me where it's at
Then you know that's where I'm going
You know I like that, like that, like that
The way you talk back, talk back, talk back

You got a razor tongue
And when you shoot your mouth, it goes off like a gun
Not afraid, always sayin' anything you like
I'm careful cause I know your bark is bad as your bite, it's bad as your bite

You can't keep it clean
But I don't mind it
You're NC-17 sometimes when
you get out of line, and ya talk back

But there's something sweet about you
That's why I can't live without you
Still I'll never think it's rude
When you cop an attitude
Give me everything you got
Cause you know I think it's hot when you talk back

Composición: Chad Royce / Drew Seeley / Scott Mann · ¿Ese no es el compositor? Avísanos.
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