I think I love you but I could be mistaken
Please reconsider the decisions you're making
I know that I've said it before, but I don't want to be here anymore

Wake up at noon
Get out of bed
You brew some tea to clear your head
Remember tea isn't your cup of tea
Don't expect my sympathy

Today is your day
Just like the day before
We both know that you want more
Do your laundry with a happy face
Soon enough you'll find your place

You're getting tired of the same routine
You know there's more than the places you've seen
Every day you eat whole wheat bread
And let them stay inside your head

I've noticed changes in your appetite
I'm well aware that things aren't right
Hold on a minute your clothes are wet
Dry off in here you're not leaving yet

It'll all work out in the end
So get some rest and try again
Tomorrow is a brand new day
We'll pretend that we're okay

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