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Verse 1
Whenever I'm feeling down and out
you always know just how to make me smile
whenever I think I've lost my way
you tell me something sweet that makes my day
thank you for the long walks and the long talks
you've helped me through so much
and I promise you this my friend
I will be there for you
honey until the end

I don't know what tomorrow brings
but rest assured you can count on me
whatever tangled webs we weave
hand in hand it's you and me
together we'll face our fears
we'll shed our tears
whatever comes what may
my friend
I'll be there

verse 2
Now isn't funny how many times
people have said that we're two of a kind
and how we both do those silly things
where only you and I know what it means
I've placed all my trust in you
for sticking by side
no matter win or lose
gray or blue
you're my bestest friend until the end

repeat hook

When that heart of yours gets lonely
I'll be there
all you have to do is call on me
and I'll be there (don't be afraid, never be afraid)
when at times you think you're helpless
I promise you this my friend

hook 2x

I don't know what tomorrow brings
rest assured you can count on me my friend
through the thick and thin
beginning to end
heartaches and pain
sunshine and rain
I'll be there my friend
what ever comes may yeah.....
just be there for me
for you I will bleed
the high road or low road
I'll crawl on my knees
darling friend together
hand in hand
until the end oh
we'll face our fears
oh yes we will
whatever comes what may baby
I'll be there....

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