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Skinhead On M.B.T.A.

Dropkick Murphys

All Abooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaard
let me tell you a story of a big ole' skinhead
on a tragic and fateful day
he draw cents in his pocket
kicked his wife and family
and went to ride on the m.b.t.a

did he ever return,
no he never returned
and his fate is still unknown (oi!, oi!,oi!)
he may ride forever 'neath the streets of boston
he's a skinhead who never returned

skinhead goes down to the kendall square station
and he changes for jamaica plain,
the conductor says skinhead i need a nickel,
skinhead punches him in the brain

chorus 1x

now all night long skinhead drives through the station
wondering who can i go and see
can't afford to buy crack in chelsea
or a bundle in roxbury

chorus 1x

skinhead's wife goes to the scully square station
everyday about a quarter past two,
and through the open window she hand' skinhead a grenade
as the train comes a rumblin' through

chorus 1x

now you citizens of boston don't you think its a scandal
how the skinhead stole the train
so what's the big fuckin' deal,
he'll work for beer
let the skinhead drive the fucking train

chorus 2x

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