Sorry didn't notice you then
Then again you didn't notice me
We remain passers by until the next time we speak
I'm hopin I can make you mine before another man steals yourheart
And once your beauty is mine I swear we will never be apart

Walks by me everyday
Stolen my heart away
Woman thats stolen my heart and
Beauty is her name
Hopin I can make you mine before another man steals your heart
Once you beauty is mine I swear we should never be apart

Didn't take much time to think about it
Cuz' I didn't want to move to fast
Cuz' I knew that when I saw you again that I wouldn't wanna letyou pass
Cuz' my eyes has seen the glory in the commin of your smile
So I swear if you ever come around again please stay for awhile

You are so beautiful when I'm down and out
I never seem to get tired
Tired of your love
You are so wonderful and I'm just dying to make you see
Anything you want inside your heart
You can find right here inside of me

Um oh uh no
Do ya feel me
Have ever have something
That takes your heart and twist it all around
And all you can think about is this one thing
Well dis is her and beauty is her name

Walks by me every day
Stolen my heart away
Oh, yeah and Beauty is her name

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Written by: Gary Roche / Phil Weatherspoon / Torrel Ruffin. Isn't this right? Let us know.