The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)

Dru Hill

I just can't believe it girl
I can't believe that it's over
But I'm your man
And I'll be alright
But still
The love we had
Stays on my mind

Lately babe
I've been thinking
How good it was
When you were here
And it ain't the wine
That I've been drinking
For once I feel my head
Is clear

But early this morning
When I opened up my eyes
That old lonesome feeling
Took me by surprise
I guess you ment more to me
Than I realized

The love we had stays on my mind
(Stays on mind)
The love we had stays on my mind

And lately girl
I've been remembering
The good times
That we used to share
My thoughts of you
Don't have an ending
And memories of you are

But what should I tell you
It's not your concern
You win some
You lose some
And I've lost
And I've learned
Sisqo's so lonely
With no place to turn
And here at the end
Yes I do

The love we had stays on my mind

Girl if you were nearer
If you had a mirror
Maybe you could count my tears
(You don't know, don't know how I cry baby)
And if you were nearer
It would all be clearer
(I want you right here, I want you right here next to me)
How I wish that you were hear
(Oh baby)
How I wish, oh I wish
How I wish that you were here

And baby girl
I was tired
So I laid down
To dream for a little while
But lately I've been so
So uninspired
Without the comfort
Of your smile

But I'm not complaining
Cause that's how it goes
Theres always some heartache
In this world I suppose
Huh, listen to me
But you can't imagine
But nobody knows
Nobody know's baby

The love we had stays on my mind...

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