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Little Hands

Duncan Sheik

Some sweet perversion on the telephone line
I've been waiting for such a very long time - For her to befree
The evening was nice but there were too many people
And all my thoughts so depraved and evil
Oh lord what would she say (she says:)

I'm afraid it's not to be
You're a sweet guy but you ain't for me
I live my life in a different way
You know those things you're thinking are a big mistake

We stayed out late 'til morning came
I said "I'll take you home if it's all the same"
Her indifference fills the room
Some weak seduction on the morning after
How it slays me every time I touch her
But she just wants to sleep

(she says:) How long 'til you understand
The last thing that I need is another man
Didn't you promise to give it a rest
Right now I need a lover like a hole, like a hole in the chest

Oh well, can't blame a guy for tryin'
And I'm smiling even though I'm dying
To know the love she says will never be

One last conversation in the crowded bar
And even though the music is louder by far
I hear every word she says
(she says:) Don't take it bad...don't worry about it
You're a friend of mine and there's no way around it
Sometimes you get there early, sometimes you get there late
But even if you had a chance, you never knew the game
Little hands, open smile - I"m glad we got to talk for a while
I feel ok...yeah i'm feeling better
I'll let her go but I'll never say never
It's's ok

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