I present a goal
You know they'll never worship you
For all the lies we know you told us
You will never know
The powers that put me through all this
The people saw what pain you caused them

Let's carry on together
Let me take us to the other side
The revolution lasts forever
I'll take us to the other side

Our voice is under siege
By a tyranny that holds us back
People we hate decides our future
It's time to fight back on
The ideology, which made us slaves
For once let the wind blow the way we want it

Let's carry on together…

Now we walk up to the hill
Where soldiers are standing with their backs to the sun
My fist is raised and I prepare to scream the word
The sound escapes my lips
To the hill
Feet are running down
Fear is running down my spine
The screams the noise
The sound of kill
My feet are carried by my will
The blood you see is coming from your head

Let's carry on together…

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