The Last Dinosaur In Congo


Ignore them
Conceal them
Cause I'm in here
And they’re out there

Sure you wanna know it?
Sure you wanna go there?
If I knew you
If I knew her

I have made it
I can’t face it
I am in there
You are out here

Why am I afraid to die?
When I see them suffering

Be there
I am too young now
I am on the run
Where are we going to?

Hold on
I will be there soon
Bet they need you now
Before you lose control

Beat them
As they treat me now
You are beating
Up the wrong guy now

Told you
I swore an oath
I am the last
Dinosaur in Congo

We are in there
You are out here
They should face me
When they break me
We are in there
You are out here
I am the last

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