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Secret Oktober

Duran Duran

Wise on a birthday party
in a world
full of surprising fireworks
and sudden silence

Lies on a stranger's bed
the new day breaks
like a speeding train
on an old friend
ever expected,
but never knocking

Holding your own
in a battered car
All night parties
cocktail bars
and smile
when the butterfly escapes
the killing jar

Sure eyes awake
before the dancing is over
Wise or naked in
Secret Oktober

on a windy morning shore--
nothing but a fading track
of footsteps, to prove
that you'd ever been there

on a cotton cloud
like the sound of gunshot
taken by the wind
and lost in distant thunder

on a shining plane
Tomorrow won't be content
to watch as the lightning
plays along the wires,
and you'll wonder...

(chorus x2)

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