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Beaten Into Submission

Dying Fetus

The cold, dark wind,
Penetrates with pain
Across frozen fields
On the edge of the Ardennes
Black panzer tanks
Turn white snow red
Across the forest floor
The apocalypse spread
Weakened from the wait,
We push for the Rhine
German blood spilling,
Just a matter of time
The daylight raids
Left Dresden in flames
10 million more dead
All life is erased
Strong resistance,
Cut to pieces
Yes the Third Reich
Burns beneath us
Walking on the dead
Imprisoned here no more
Deceased to join the ranks
Of those who've come before
The Eastern Front will fall
Their legions crushed at Kursh
Suck pleasure in revenge
Their blood shall quench
Our thirst
Fuck your world
Earth laid waste,
Russians enter Warsaw
All hope dies, total capitulation
Turn the tide
With a purpose so clear
We destroy them, extinct
No denial, just death
And a promise, of pain
Make them suffer, repent
Take their loved ones and kill
Fuck their begging, no mercy
Let them crawl forth, and die

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Compuesta por: Jason Netherton / John Gallagher. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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