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So Far So Good

Sheena Easton

No way of knowin' where we're goin'
No way of tellin' what we've got
Love is attraction, calls for action like it or not
We're no one-nighter, we're much righter
I taste tomorrow in your kiss
But I can't sell you, I won't tell you
That we can't miss, I'll just say this

*So far so good
We've been movin' right along just like we should
So far so good
If it isn't love it's still in the neighborhood
Knock on wood baby, so far so good

I tell you one thing, we got something
Somethin' that's comin' from the heart
If we don't know it
I just know it could be a start
You take your chances with romances
Nobody gets a guarantee
We're much better than
I ever thought we could be
So let's just see


I'm not pullin' any punches
I'm not handin' you a line
I'm just telling you my hunch
Is all we need is a touch more time

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