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Still a Nigga

Eazy E

Straight off the streets of Compton
Dedicated and by most suckers hated
But I got something I want you motherfuckers to know
I really don't give a fuck

Niggas ain't shit in the 90's, I don't trust 'em
And bitches on my dick but they ain't shit, so motherfuck 'em
Eazy know's what's up, 'cause see he really don't give a fuck
'Cause it don't concern me if don't pertain to money or a nut
But then again I talk to a few of my friends
Nine times out of ten 'bout some ends or some skins
'Cause I'm the type of nigga that gotta have it like a rabbit
Rappin' is my hustle bustin' ho's is a habbit
I stab it like a true no good nigga should
I do it the way a down O.G. nigga would
And now niggas know Eric Wright ain't no busta
Another platinum cut from the Compton thugsta
My name is


Eazy muthaphukkin E
A real nigga
Born and raised in motherfuckin' Compton
This one's dedicated to you busta-ass niggas
You know who you are
Smoke a fat ass joint to this, bitch

I don't think I'm all this or that, but I'm all me
Original gangsta E-A-Z-Y-E
Down from the jump now I'm endin' with the biz and
Still rollin' in my 6-4 on them thizangs
Do wicked shit, 'cause shit is wicked on the streets
And from what my eyes see the wickedness will never cease
Bitches on my dick and you know I'm runnin' y'all
So you just sold your soul to the motherfuckin' devil's son-in-law
Wicked as could be Eazy-E got the flow
Leavin' a smell of death on the Row for sure
And a ho can't make me or break me
But she can take me to a motel
And work a nigga swell
'Cause I'm Eazy-E

Yeah, suck on these nuts, motherfuckers
Get with the real and quit faking the funk
And oh yeah, stay off my dick, haha
Really doe

I let my demons lose when I hit the 8 juice
And I leave a trail of stiffs when I'm high of a spliff
Niggas talk shit so I talk a lot of shit, too
Niggas wanna diss, fuck them and their whole crew
In fact niggas thank ya for stockin' a niggas bank up
Yeah, I'm livin' swell but I'm a gangsta like Dresta
No not the doctor, physician or the MD
Dresta's an O.G., Doc is a phony
Only the real real still can chill with me
And the rest can't fuck with E
'Cause I'm the O.G. that'll bring you down
The devil's son in law, king of the underground
Good to go with the flow that I throw
Givin' ya mo' to let a motherfucker know
That I can get wreck on the set and make ya small
'Cause you know I ain't a joke
I'm a motherfuckin' loc, and my name is Eazy-E

Eazy muthaphukkin E
But you bitches can just call me E
A real nigga from the C-P-T
Kickin' ass and asking questions later
Oh yeah, don't get smoked, loc
And I'm out, motherfuckers

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