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Lost And Found

Echo & The Bunnymen

I was standing in a graveyard
under silver studded skies
in a forest burning ashes
on the bonfires of our lives
as the sky fell down
I was lost and found
saw my world spin round
round and round

All the ghosts have gathered round me
come to tell me of a change
in the darkness that surrounds me
I am falling down again
on this haunted ground
I was lost and found

Lost, lost and found
Lost, lost and found

She will tell you her cathedral
has no windows and no doors
and you know she doesn't need you
and that's why you want her more

As your heart melts down
you are lost and found

(repeat chorus 3 times)

I was counting all the tombstones
of the buried boys and girls
as the wind blew in like ice
and froze this cemetary world

And we all fell down
we were lost and found
and the sun went down
we were lost and found

repeat chorus to fade

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Written by: Ian McCulloch / Les Pattinson / Pete de Freitas / Will Sergeant. Isn't this right? Let us know.