vistas 1

With torn-out heart in my hand,
I venture further on,
Never to set foot on this place again
Oh, hated talisman!
My sanity went away
With the first sight,
With blistering force
And most joyful delight.

„Oh, now you see the way,
We can be together,
For an eternity."
Your will shall be my deity!
I've became the pulverizer
Of skulls and bones,
For her wishes.

By drinking the
Vitae of life,
I get closer and closer to my
Beloved one
The cost is so high,
But feelings keep me
On this treacherous path,
For my life's desire.

I've foreseen
The devastation,
With my mind's
Complete corruption!
Cutting my way
Through the human barrier;
The route I'm on
Couldn't be much heavier.

All the bloodshed!
I'm demented!
I don't see the end
And nowhere's the long-waited loved one!
You have done this to me!
Took away my sanity,
Carved out my within!

I tear my heart out,
To make life go away,
But nothing is too easy,
When dealing the devil's way.
I'm who past and future sees
Through your eyes!
My ecstasy is destruction
Like all talismans!