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Gettin' Kinda Old(Being Young At Heart)

Eddie John

Annette's doing time in baby jail
she's flirting on line sending dirty e-mail
her youth got wasted on tramps like us
now what replaces kissing on the bus
her band went gold
mine fell apart

it's getting kinda old being young at heart

I went to bed last night around nine o'clock
i lost count of all the times i've been around the block
i stumbled to the mirror
i'm humbled to see
my long gone daddy looking back at me
i feel like a record falling off the charts

it's getting kinda old being young at heart

i want to end it all
cash my chips in
i think i hit the wall
i'm in a dead man's spin

i used to wanna die young
ain't that rock and roll
i think i blew that one
yeah i went and got old
would you check out her
she what she just did
she's said excuse me sir
then left with some kid
i used to fall in love
now i fall apart

it's getting kinda old being young at heart

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