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Verse 1

Who drew the lines that say
That is has to be one way
You and me's a two way thing

I can feel a spark
When you're touching me I start
To realize how hot this could be

If you want me tell me so
Don't make me wait too long
I need to hear it from you
So what you wanna do


Love is a two way thing
Where we begin
Is up to you and me

Love is a give and take
And what we make
Comes from you and me

Verse 2

Who says you have to call
Be the one to set things off
I don't wanna wait for you

Cause what I'm feeling inside
Is something I won't hide
Until I'm sure you're into ME too

Boy I told you what I want
Don't make me wait too long
I'm ready for you
So what you wanna do


You don't have to follow me
Let me know wherever
You wanna meet
That's where I'm gonna be


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