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In Any Given Moment

Meredith Edwards

It's a mystery
How can it be so amazing
I just wanna say
I wasn't even looking for ya
I wasn't hoping for the moon
I guess it goes to show you everything can change

In any given moment
The world can spin around
A lonely heart can feel love
Lift it off the ground
And everything you dreamed of
Suddenly appears
The future can unfold in an instant miracle
In any given moment

Why does time move so slowly
When you're lonely
then raced wildly once you've found someone
I have found no rules apply
I'm waking up in the dead of night
To say I've been brought back to live
I am living proof

Repeat Chorus

I wasn't even looking for you
I wasn't hoping for the moon
I guess it only goes to show you
Never underestimate
The power of the hands of fate
To shwo you what is true
From right out of the blue

Repeat Chorus

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