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Two Side Colour

El Inquilino Comunista

Two side colour
Bed's always wet
Turn the motor on
We're going somethere else
Hold those pieces inside your bed
Must be who bleed
Who pulled the trigger, it's a papers death
Two side colour dress.
Two side colour
One is on her head
The other is burning out
& pushing her away
Killing angles, it's a papers death
Must be who bleed
Shot drawn from heros from your head
We're going somewhere else
(in beded corpses)
Back sit scider - she's there
Pushing hard thruth inside
Light is percil & blind
Colour blunded her mind
Looking throught the camera lents
One colour is hers the other is not there
So open up & just wait
To see it, to fee it, to raise it, it's death.

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