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Quizás (en inglés)

El Original

Maybe now I realize I am missing everything q
I must have thought perhaps not to let you go
maybe not expired if not disguised illusion kiss
perhaps, perhaps ...

maybe not go another day without drowning in tears
might not have imagined're not aki q
perhaps the time has taught me I can not just qe qe me faltas tu
perhaps, qizas ...

qizas qe I forgot to tell you I loved you
qe love you, ignore you too qizas
and now I've lost and there is nothing to o

qe again without you there is nothing, but nothing qeda
there is only one empty nothing I qeda
qe is something about you, will you ignore qe
but please listen

qe the days go back and I'm dying
qe ven though you are still far qeriendo t
I know you are qe t ignore fail
forgive me

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