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Have Mercy On The Criminal

Elton John

Have you heard the dogs at night,
Somewhere on the hill.
Chasing some poor criminal,
And I guess they're out to kill.
Oh, there must be shackles, on his feet,
And mother, in his eyes, stumbling through the devil-dark
With the hound pack in full cry.

Have mercy on the criminal,
Who is running from the law,
Are you blind to the
Winds of change?
Don't you hear him any more?

Praying Lord you gotta help me,
I am never gonna sin again.
Just take, these chains
From around my legs,
Sweet Jesus I'll be your friend.

Now have you ever seen
The white teeth gleam,
While you lie on a
Cold damp ground.
You're taking in the face of a rifle butt,
While the wardens hold you down.
And you're never seen a friend in years,
Oh, it turns your heart to stone.
You jump the walls,
And the dogs run free,
And the grave's gonna be your home.

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