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Talking Old Soldiers

Elton John

Why hello, say can I buy you another glass of beer?
Well thanks a lot, that's kind of you
It's nice to know you care
These days there's so much going on
No one seems to wanna know
I may be just an old soldier to some
But I know how it feels to grow old

Yeah, that's right
You can see me here most every night
You'll always see me staring
At the walls and at the lights
Funny I remember oh it's years ago I'd say
I'd stand at that bar
With my friends who've passed away
And drink three times the beer that I can drink today
Yes, I know how it feels to grow old

I know what they're saying, son
There goes old mad Joe again
Well, I maybe mad at that, I've seen enough
To make a man go out his brains
Well, do they know what it's like
To have a graveyard as a friend?
'Cos that's where they are boy, all of them
Don't seem likely I'll get friends like that again.

Well, it's time I moved off
But it's been great just listening to you
And I might even see yer next time I'm passing through
You're right, there's so much going on
No-one seems to wanna know
So, keep well, keep well, old friend
And have another drink on me
Just ignore all the others, you've got your memories

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Compuesta por: Bernie Taupin / Elton John. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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