I'll take you home again Kathleen
Across the ocean wild
To where your heart has ever been
Since first you were my bonny bride
The roses all have left your cheek
I watch them fade away and die
Your voice is soft when you speak
And tears bedim your lovely eyes
Oh, I will take you home Kathleen
Across the ocean wild
And when the fields are soft and green
I will take you to your home Kathleen Somehow
I feel That someday we'll meet again
Don't ask me how
It's something I can't explain
Until the day I give up all hope of you
Assure yourself this I'll do I will be true
It's been so long darling
Since I gazed into your eyes
It's been so long darling
But now I realize 'bout your love, not seeing you,
It hurts me through and through
It's been so long darling
Well, I'm coming back to you
I wanna be tied, tied, tied
Apron strings There tatatatata
There's no tomorrow
When love isn't near

I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (Thomas P. Westendorf)
I Will Be True (Ivory Joe Hunter)
It's Been So Long Darling (Ernest Tubb)
Apron Strings (Weiss/Schroeder)
There's No Tomorrow (Hoffman - Corday - Carr)

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