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Don't Go


Turn me up, get it on, i was yours, i was your man
But not in your hands
Pull away, take it back, break your vow, call on my name
I've gone astray
Lead me on, kiss my face, play my card, show me your way
Cos i understand
Take it off, spill your guts, lay it down, walk in my shoes
Cos i'm in your hands
And i'll role your way
You have my heart in your hands-don't go
We've come too far, hold on now- cos i want you
Turn away, hide your face, show your spine and be a man
You know what i mean
Clean the page, share the view, be a doll call me tonight
I'm here by the phone
Roll the dice, take a chance, live your life outside your box
And come to my world
Make a fist, come aboard, bitter the taste in your mouth
But that's how it goes
And you rolled my way
You have my heart in your hands-don't go
We've come too far, hold on now- cause i want you
Say you'll stay, make my day-don't go
Say you're mine for all time-cause i want you
Our souls will grow
We'll carry on

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