Tonight my bag is packed tommorrow I'll walk these tracks
That will lead me across the border
Tommorrow my love and I will sleep neath auburn skies
Somewhere across the border
We'll leave behind my dear the pain and sadness we found here
And we'll drink from the Brazos muddy waters
Where the sky grows gray and wide we'll meet on the other side
There across the border
For me you'll build a house high up on a grassy hill
Somewhere across the border
Where pain and memory pain and memory have been stilled
There across the border
Sweet blossoms fill the air pastures of gold and green
Roll down into cool clear waters
And in your arms neath the open skies I'll kiss the sorrow from your eyes
There across the border
[ guitar ]
Tonight we'll sing the songs and I'll dream of you my Corazon
And tommorrow my heart will be strong
And may the saints blessing and grace carry me safely into your arms
There across the border
[ harmonica ]
For what are we without hope in our hearts
That someday we'll drink from God's blessed waters
And eat the fruit from the vine I know love and fortune will be mine
Somewhere across the border
[ harmonica - guitar ]

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