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Cosmic Keys To My Creations And Times


The heavens are lit by the stars where years of secrets ofuniversal forces lay hid.
They shine so bright, but yet they have seen more evil than timeitself. Reflected in the
deepless lakes they are drowning in black elements. They are theplanetary keys
to unlimited wisdom and power for the Emperor to obtain. Theybring the gods of the
wolves whom upon they bark at night, requesting their next victimin thirst of blood. I
enjoy those moments I may haunt with these beasts of the night.what kinds of beings
are existing at the deeps of my lakes? They surely must be of anevil race, for no
friendly thing can live in such depressive waters. Here is also aplanet similar to the
moon, but its phases is only one and it is in its most powerfulfor all and ever... There
passes no light without the barking of the wolves. All theselandscapes are timeless,
and this is all just a part of cosmos, but all is mine and pastand future is yet to
discover... Much have been discovered, but tomorrow I willrealise I existed before
myself. I will be reborn before I die. I will realise planetsages old, created by a ruler
with a crown of dragon claws, arrived with a stargate...

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