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The Ensemble Of Silence


And again the moon is on the wave, gliding gently into me
On silent wings the night comes from there, as my heart longs to thee

For in my hand I still hold the rose that froze long times ago
Its leafs have withered, it ceased to grow - left in me this woe
The wine of love, is o so sweet, but bitter is regret
I knew at sunset I would meet the ascending veils of dread

Before my eyes nocturnal curtains fall
The dark and gentle haze of the night, greedily devours all
Woe to him whose heart is filled with bitter rue and who drowns in grief
In the silence of the night I loose myself
It makes me drunken with its sweet blue sound

In the drunk'ness of solitude I fear no more the solemn realms of death
No single sigh from my lips as I drink the wine of bitterness
My heart is aching nevermore for I know that all may end
Just I and the poetry of the night, now forever one
Just I and the poetry of the night, now forever one
The ensemble of silence plays so beautiful for me

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