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Runaway Love

En Vogue

Are you ready to roll
Funky Divas wit a cool light stroll
Sending smooth vibe to all our dear fans
It feels good to be groovin' again
Chocolate cream to me baby, so sweet to me
Like some honey to a honey bee
I am drawn to you baby like a strong magnet, Oh
Once I'm there, there's no turning back
There is no real excuse, why take this abuse
I keep running back, taking smack
Don't know what to say or to do
It's amazing but I act crazy
I can't win it's a sin
So I feel I have to fight it

Runaway love
Like a train on broken tracks
Runaway love
It's too hard to turn it back now
Runaway love
Feels good without a doubt, yeah
Runaway love
Has to stop before it turns me out

Ooh, I'm not qualified to play love games with you
I've been hurt hard lately, I'm not for being used, no more
Just a little lovin', it's like a drug and I'm a drug addict
I just don't know why I can't let go
I can't walk away, fade away
Everyday my love grows and grows
It's a sickness or is it weakness
Shoud I cope, it there hope
All I know it's hard to stop a runaway love, ooh baby

Runaway love
Runaway love
Feels good without a doubt
Runaway love
Has to stop before it turns me out

Take me
Take me
Take me higher
I know you can do it
Take me higher, take me higher
Take me higher, take me

Repeat second chorus

Repeat first chorus

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