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All Philistines


Call me messiah, you fools,
all depending on me,
call me messiah !

Always conforming, no choice
without asking the croud,
always conforming.

Talking so loud, walking so proud,
all you monkeys, regular life, regular mind.
Don't rock the boat, don't overdo,
all philistines, all of you fools under control,
don't keep crossing my ways...

Permanent glow, shrouded in mystery,
freezing my energy cells,
Solid but weak, blinded by vanity,
feel my privat decay, feel as I bleed...

When the madness has gone,
and a heart is beating slowly,
when the world is getting calm,
who'll be left when it calls for me ?
I'm embracing the silence...

For one moment of my life I thought I couldn't die,
blame reality for this dream could not survive,
once again I touch the sky and try to realize,
where is my domain and where's the place where I'm alive.

No revolution, no change, no conflict,
no uprise, no revolution,
slave and assistant, confined in your
life of disdain,
so why are you smiling ?

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