It's not the way
You lounge around in T-shirts.
It's not the way
You smile when you sleep.
I'm getting older,
And you're getting better.
And everyday
I wonder if you keep,
The thrilled sensation of loving me,
It's so good having you around and we...

Just take it day by day,
We make it last all night.
Whatever I say you say,
No one's shaken,
Baby no one cries.
And there's nothing inside
To loosen the bite.

When I'm alone
I'm still pretty happy,
'Cause I have you
To think of at night.
And though I don't know the meaning,
I still say I love you.
And though I don't understand,
The words just sound right.
Under my arm,
Cruisin' to your door.
Tonight it's over
I'll be back for more.

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