Oh yeah.
All right.
I just can't kiss her after all she's done
But the guys all dig her so I lead her on.
If I could just not call her 'til my hair was long
I'd be a knocked out rocker
And I'd prove her wrong.
She'd make it so damn easy
Just to leave her home
After 15 minutes on the telephone.
You know she don't try talkin',
She just piss and moan,
See the way it's all goin',
Glad to be alone.

There's a new kid in town,
And he's just trying to look pretty,
Why are you putting him down?
We need a whole lot more.
What we got is a pity,
What we're doin' is a
Ch-ch-ch ore-ore-ore.

The cops are driving by here every night,
You know the neighbors don't like it
And you know they're right.
If I don't come home I just expect a fight.
See you talks real heavy
But your words are light.
You know you're looking much better
Than you have in years.
You've done a good job covering up
All your fears,
And with your face all smiles
When you're out for beers.
Hope it gets more for ya
Than it got you here.

Repeat Chorus.

You came into my apartment, took all my records. I gave you love and a chance for romance. You danced all over my face and stole my mattress. You don't even deserve the dirt you sleep on!

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