Oh no, too late,
Yeah we've both got this feeling,
Can't wait,
To feel our bodies touching.
Oh I dedicate,
My love to you,
And knowing that you feel it too.
I want to touch you deeper
Than I penetrate.

You and I won't be lonely.
'Cause you and I will be one.
So true that I will be your one and only.
You and I are in love.

Oh babe of mine,
If we live 'til the end of time.
I know we'd stay together.
Would be just as fine as now,
Lying here,
Tangled in each other, oh dear.
I think I feel it coming
One more special time.

Repeat Chorus.

No one could take
Away my loyalty now, no way.
I couldn't love another,
What more could I say?

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