Here go those words again,
You meant my love,
You said my friend.
Still I know better now,
I'm getting back at you somehow.
I don't know, but I do love you so.
What do I do, when I hate loving you?
Here we are at the top of the slide,
Going down for a hell of a ride.
Make me feel all screwed up inside,
I won't let you...

You're mind's all out of whack,
I'm giving more than I get back.
Those tears fall from your eyes,
They're never real, the tears are lies.
I don't mind, 'cause love is always blind.
I've gotta say, it hasn't gone away.

Repeat Chorus.

Give you love and you take it away,
Then you say all the things that you say.
It's unknown any game that we play,
I won't let you go.

Yeah here we go again,
We're heart to heart, and end to end.
I'm never giving in,
I know I'm right and I always win.
But it's true,
That you belong to you.
Oh can't you see that I belong to me?

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