Most girls wish that they had your eyes
And boys secretly fantasize
Who me? I am just mesmerized by your every word and movement

You are close as a girl can be to ideal
Somehow you disagree
The whole world sees perfection
But all you see is room for more improvement

Silly girl, pretty girl
Do you not see?
What a spell your sweet love has cast on me
Girl I pray it never will
This trance be broken

I melt in your mouth when you talk to me
I want to kiss you so slow so sweet
You are a book that I want to read
Embrace cover to cover
Girl you're so deep inside
You're my DNA
You're how tall I am
You're how much I weigh
You're the reason that someone had penned the phrase
To know her is to love her
And I love her


Everything you do is from some movie scene
Every pose you strike is from some magazine
I want to turn your pages


Oh girl I pray, it never will, this trance be broken

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