Photo of the artist Eumir Deodato

S. O. S., Fire In The Sky

Eumir Deodato

[feat. Camille]

Can anyone hear me
Tryin' to get a message through
Is anybody out there now
Or is it really true
It happened so quickly
And there's nothin' I can do
This is the end
I've gotta send an SOS to you

Can you hear me
Are you near me
Can you hear me callin'

Fire in the sky
Burnin' like the thunder of the night
Fire in the sky
Fallin' down on everything in sight
Fire in the sky
Is anybody out there on the line
Fire in the sky
Can anybody out there still survive
Fire in the sky
Holdin' on and runnin' out of time
Fire in the sky (caught in a fire)
Holdin' on and runnin' out of time

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Written by: Alan Palanker / Rick Suchow. Isn't this right? Let us know.