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You, Me And She

Eve Robson

You, me and she
what we gone do baby, baby

Yo, I did it to myself
couldn't help the way I felt about him
sick when he wasn't there
like I never dealt with out him
played the fool by choice
all I had was this man
let him get the best of both worlds
cuz it was his plan
All the things I wanted to hear
he told me gently
what ever it was nothing gave me plenty
toldme he slit with his chic
but couldn't shake her
cuz she had his child
so he fed her with his paper
First it started off like that dough for closure
started slackin off
in fact, it wasn't over
Now my world is crumbling down
I'm feeling shaky
used to be a Super women
no bitch could replace me
wanted him to leave me alone
but I was cought up
thought I was strong
but broke down when breaking up was brought up
tried to really ride with this dude
I thought I loved him and
everytime I asked him what I should do
he said trust him!

You me and she
what we gone do baby ( trust me) baby( hold me)
You me and she
what we gone down baby(believe me ) baby (you need me)

Damn, I must be crazy
feedin with the bullshit
attitude and trying to hold out
that shit is useless
the more I tried to back up the more he keep coming
liea after lie
shit lying wasn't nothing
tear after tear
telling me to be cool
all I need is you
Nobody can be you
believe him
he decived me just to keep me
calling me from her spot
saying that he needs me
I had to step back
he got me stressed out
this ain't what I planned t
htought I had me sketched out
I guess not
Love me to hurt me
hurt me to make up and
make up to deserve me

You me and she
what we gone do baby ( trust me) baby( hold me)
You me and she
what we gone down baby(believe me ) baby (you need me)

Bask and forth
with the he said, she said
got me dissy
If I leave know the routine
he bad cuz he miss me
to late cuz you had me lost me (daddy)
more on
no more floos
I';m gone
Arguements for houses
me and her comparing notes and
after all the screaming stopped
we comparing quotes (yea)
you got sloppy
thought you wasn't the nigga to let me caught you
Heart didn't hurt till I covered up your tattoo
my statue on a paddastool everybreath too
never knew the worst
till you felt what the best do
and i'm that
it's over now
hope I stressed you
but niggas like you only be allowed when I let you



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