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Anita Sonic Love


I hear the sonic sound of brakes
As you whisper in my ear
I hold your head between my sweaty hands
And shout loud for all to hear
Anita say the word

I smell gasoline and I feel the heat
As we make love standing up
In the alley behind your street
Glow and crumble girl
I want you but I don't want your world
Anita say the word
And I will walk with you almost anywhere
Back to Al's bar, baby hand in hand
All them local boys will know that I'm your new man

Hey see Anita, yeah she's my scary girl
All black blue eyes and blue blackened hair
I can taste the heaven waiting there
Shake and tremble, broken grace
I admit it, I'm in love, but out of place
Anita say the word...
And I will sleep with you in that misfit way
With the TV noise so loud it soothes my fears
And the flickering light bathes your face

I wake from the drugs and the fear
In the night outside the world reverberates
Blue shadows in our loft, downtown L.A.
Outside the world reverberates
I need the strength I see in her
I need the love I feel inside
We talk about leaving behind the hell we're in
We laugh about making it out alive

Yeah, see Anita, yeah
she's my pretty girl
Blind eyes to the world outside
No more so than the rest of the world...
No more so, than any other girl
It makes no sense to me
Yeah Anita, say the word

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