You read the papers today?

I read the news today oh boy
About a tragic comedy
Newspaper hinted suicide
The letterhead read: Dear Johnny
A tainted truth was all it said
Sleep tight now that you've made your bed
An arrow that once pierced your heart
Points to the apple on your head

Three sides to every story
Yours, mine
And, Monday morning's

Cupid's dead, headlines read
Cupid's dead
Cupid's dead, headlines read
Cupid's dead

Oh, romeo, oh, romeo
Where did our love go, romeo?
If you read between the headlines
You wouldn't be the last to know
No mystery yet to unfold
A paperboy left in the cold
A love was said to never die
Withered away and just got old

Our top story tonight
Is a crime of passion
The victim, an unidentified man
Is found in bed, wearing only a diaper
Holding a bow an arrow in one hand
And clutching a letter in the other
The letter simply read
Cupid's dead

Extra, extra, extra
Read all about it

Cupid's dead

Cupid is dead, deceased
I got peace of mind
Still it's hard to forget
What it leaves behind
A lot of love lost
Your feelings are wasted
Tasted the sweetness
But now you're faced with
The thought, of being alone
Nor more companionship
You can handle it
Just abandon it
Leave it behind
And look for the brighter day
Give it some time
Cause it won't come right away
You gotta be standing strong
Hold on to your dignity
Don't sit around
Saying: Look what ya did to me
It's time to move on
You gotta continue
To look for a love
Of a life that's within you
Cupid is dead now
It's time to rely on
Yourself to cope
You got no shoulder to cry on

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Written by: Gary Cherone / Nuno Bettencourt. Isn't this right? Let us know.