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Pour Yourself on me

Faith First

We are young men
Waiting for a vision from Your heart
We are old men ready for Your dreams
We are daughters
We can hear Your heart
and speak Your word
We are waiting for You to heal our land
For the fire has burned the pastures
The flame has burned the trees
The water of the river has run dry

So Holy Spirit, pour Yourself on me
Let the river of Yourself run free in us
Holy Spirit, pour Yourself on me
Send Your rain and bring a harvest
To this land again


What's that I see? Is that a cloud?
What's that I feel? A drop of rain?
There's thunder now. It's getting loud!
Or maybe that's the Lion of Judah's roar!
Look at that field!
It's turning green! It's bearing seed!
Look at the fruit, there on that tree!
And I know I hear the Lion of Judah roar!
Is that a cloud? . . .
(repeat "out chorus")

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