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What's In It For Me

Faith Hill

Thought we had a good thing baby
You pulled the wool over my eyes
I should've seen it coming baby
Now all I see is a cool love dying
Honey I don't want to hold you down
Why you gotta own the lock and the key (tell me baby)
A good thing don't just come around
And you can't have it for free (not me)

You've been a river of give
And an ocean of take
Darlin' for heaven's sake

You got me up and down and in between
Actin' nice and bein' real mean
Well, you hold me tight then you're turning your back
Who could deal with that
You say you wanna work it out
Well tell me what's in it for me

You're living in your own world
You act like I'm just passing through
I don't wanna be your welcome mat
Don't treat me like I'm a fool (for you)
And don't you wanna be happy
Don't you know how good that could be
Seems everybody's tellin' you something
That they know you wanna hear
But you ain't gonna hear that from me

You've been a valley of love
And a mountain of need
Now baby it's time you see


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Written by: Annie Roboff / Bekka Bramlett / Billy Burnette. Isn't this right? Let us know.